How to Get 0161 Numbers

  1. A client calls your 0161 numbers
  2. Virtual numbers system forwards the calls to...
  3. Any phone number you specify in UK or abroad
  4. Change where calls ring to any time 24/7
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Call Forward / Divert To:

  • Fixed Landline
  • Mobile Phone
  • VoIP Trunk/Server
  • Fax Number
  • Office Number
  • Call Centre
  • Home Phone
  • UK Numbers
  • Many International Numbers
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0161 numbers

0161 is the dialling code for central Manchester in the United Kingdom. Having a central Manchester office adds prestige to your business as it has been perceived as a prestigious place to have an office for many years.

We offer an 0161 call forwarding solution to give callers the impression that you are based in Manchester, the calls are however forwarded to any existing phone that you may have in place in the UK as well as many international destinations.

We also offer a variety of call handling options such as voicemail, fax to email, call hunting, virtual switchboard to further enhance your call handling capabilities.

Get a 0161 Manchester phone number and give your business a prestigious Manchester, UK presence!

Get 0161 Numbers

Reasons to get a virtual number

Create a virtual Manchester office

Whether you are based in Manchester, another area of the UK or in another country, you can get an 0161 number and forward the calls to your existing phones. Give callers a familiar 0161 UK number that creates the impression that you are based in Manchester and generate more sales!

Prestige with Manchester office appearance

Having a Manchester 0161 number can boost your company image. Manchester is one of the business centres of the world and a virtual office number can give you the prestige that you are looking for to entice clients to call you!

Affordable, professional call handling

Add affordable call handling services at any stage. Our numbers come with online call forwarding by default, however you may also add: voicemail, call hunting, fax to email and virtual switchboards to enhance your call handling at any stage.

Memorable numbers generate sales

Choose your own 0161 number! Get a 0161 number that is easy to remember so clients can memorise your number easily. People are more likely to call numbers that they can easily remember so your sales are likely to increase!

Keep one number if you move offices

If you need to move offices, simply log into the system and change the old number that calls get diverted to, to the new office number. This process can be done at any stage and diverts change almost instantly.

Track advertising campaigns

Allocate a unique number to an advertising campaign. When callers phone that number the calls are tracked. You can then look into the ad campaigns and corresponding numbers that have generated the most interest in terms of incoming phone calls.

Keep existing numbers private

Your virtual number calls will be forwarded to your existing numbers, however the callers do not know what number the calls are being diverted to. This meant that they never know your personal phone numbers.

Give a position a dedicated number

Allocate a number to a position in your company, for example the sales manager. When a new sales manager is appointed, simply log into the system and change the destination number to the new employee's number. Clients do not need to learn a new number to contact.

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